Shaz Madani‘s cooool cut outs (yay serif).

shaz madani © 2008

iPhone apps

I like how I don’t have enough time to fully develop ideas for the idc site, so I’m just writing them here. Sorry. I would just use post-its, but they would just get lost in the move back to Boston. And I’m too lazy to find my sketchbook.

Thought of the moment:

iPhone apps. This whole new “application” thing, to really make and customize the user experience, is really interesting and I think we need to find some way to incorporate it into the IDc site. Maybe it goes back tomy first ideas of people themselves altering the “map” of projects by inserting their own projects. I scratched it in the initial flow chart I sent to you, because I didn’t know how it would look and operate, but I think we should find some way to put it back on the table.

…pair this with the one below

once again, not full ideas at all, but something about the NYtimes way of showing olympic medals is really interesting to me. (thanks again to designnotes).A Map of Olympic MedalsA Map of Olympic Medals

Definitely go to:

to see how they flash it up. (wow, that’s a wicked cool term, no?)

don’t think i’m crazy

saw this on “designotes” and at first i thought it just looked cool, then i started thinking new IDC site…just posting it up here for future reference, haven’t fully thought out the idea.

leading with design

just ordered this book.

Thought Leadership by Design is a concise, timeless volume of contemporary quotes on the powerful, evolving nature of Design and its vital influence on society, business, technology, education, and most importantly: Everyday life.

Thought Leadership by Design, by Nate Burgos

thanks [again] swissmiss!

Pentagram identity work

What a cool job to design all of the promo stuff and everything for a black and white ball!!

New at Pentagram

New Work: Black and White Ball


Identity designed for the San Francisco fundraising event of the year.


Kit Hinrichs and Erica Wilcott worked with the San Francisco Symphony to design the identity and promotional materials for the city’s famous bi-annual Black and White Ball—a 5,000 person black-tie block party that took place on May 31 and featured over a dozen performers including Seal, Blues Traveler and Afrika Bambaataa performing in six venues arrayed in front of City Hall.


The identity references the grid of the city blocks where the concerts were held.


The mark suggests the evening’s various entertainment venues at the same time as it references a modern city block. Its modular form allowed for a high degree of design flexibility and visibility across a range of communications from invitations to street banners while presenting an updated look and feel for this traditional city event that began back in 1956.

The ball is one of San Francisco’s largest and most successful non-profit fundraising events. It benefits the symphony’s Adventures in Music program which provides music education to every San Francisco public school student in grades one through five. The evening sold out and was a phenomenal fundraising success with over one quarter of the attendees also attending the Patrons’ Dinner or other special events.


Program for the ball.



nvitation package and special post-concert pass to meet Seal.



Champagne was free flowing.



Street banners in downtown San Francisco.



Window display at Macy’s on Union Square, one of the title sponsors for the event.



Revelers in front of City Hall.





old, new, and cool

reincarnated vintage furniture and fabrics by the boys at nightwood.