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because i miss our blog (and you) very, very much


to add to theserif, swissmiss and design observer…

just what we need.

how can you not love arty letters?

well, not as much as you love mr. gay lobster down there, but you know…letters can still be cool.

(seen on deathbykerning).Flash cards M-H

By Jargon Boy

larry the big gay lobster

we’ve been getting a kick out of this guy, by this guy, around the office and i had to share with you before summer draws to a close!!

another favorite of mine that is currently my desktop:


Shaz Madani‘s cooool cut outs (yay serif).

shaz madani © 2008

…pair this with the one below

once again, not full ideas at all, but something about the NYtimes way of showing olympic medals is really interesting to me. (thanks again to designnotes).A Map of Olympic MedalsA Map of Olympic Medals

Definitely go to:

to see how they flash it up. (wow, that’s a wicked cool term, no?)

don’t think i’m crazy

saw this on “designotes” and at first i thought it just looked cool, then i started thinking new IDC site…just posting it up here for future reference, haven’t fully thought out the idea.