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because i miss our blog (and you) very, very much


to add to theserif, swissmiss and design observer…

just what we need.

iPhone apps

I like how I don’t have enough time to fully develop ideas for the idc site, so I’m just writing them here. Sorry. I would just use post-its, but they would just get lost in the move back to Boston. And I’m too lazy to find my sketchbook.

Thought of the moment:

iPhone apps. This whole new “application” thing, to really make and customize the user experience, is really interesting and I think we need to find some way to incorporate it into the IDc site. Maybe it goes back tomy first ideas of people themselves altering the “map” of projects by inserting their own projects. I scratched it in the initial flow chart I sent to you, because I didn’t know how it would look and operate, but I think we should find some way to put it back on the table.

…pair this with the one below

once again, not full ideas at all, but something about the NYtimes way of showing olympic medals is really interesting to me. (thanks again to designnotes).A Map of Olympic MedalsA Map of Olympic Medals

Definitely go to:

to see how they flash it up. (wow, that’s a wicked cool term, no?)

don’t think i’m crazy

saw this on “designotes” and at first i thought it just looked cool, then i started thinking new IDC site…just posting it up here for future reference, haven’t fully thought out the idea.

starting things up

You mean there’s more to starting a business/ being a design entrepreneur than making cool things? hmmm….

startup inc _ what you need to know before starting a company

so i’m about to start a new web design project….

and I think this site loaded with awesome examples will definitely help get my brain going.  as long as at some point i stop looking and start DOING!  CSSaddict | Get Inspired